Our Origins
Snaidero was established in 1946 in Majano, Italy, by Rino Snaidero. Through the combined efforts between distinguished architects, engineers and designers, Mr. Snaidero devoted his life to the creation of unique kitchen designs and cabinets. Today, Snaidero continues to be Italy’s premier manufacturer and distributor of our award-winning design solutions. The company also remains active in fostering valuable partnerships that produce innovative designs and products.

Snaidero USA was founded in 1979, by Dario Snaidero, with the mission of bringing the Snaidero brand to the American market. Since then, Snaidero USA has focused on expanding Snaidero’s distinctive collection of designs by introducing bespoke design selection for kitchens and living spaces. Studio Snaidero Hollywood is part of an exclusive network of Snaidero dealers that are committed to expanding the company’s brand. Currently, the Snaidero USA network is guided by the leadership and professionalism of Alberto Snaidero.

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Our Responsibility
Our made-in-Italy products are manufactured using eco-sustainable materials and processes that limit Snaidero’s impact on the environment. Through the years, we have continued to refine our production and transportation practices in order to respect the environment and human health. Some of these practices include the gradual replacement of our existing solvent-based varnishing line with effective varnishes that have low-levels of organic solvents and using water-based varnishes that continue to deliver superior results. Furthermore, our wood particle boards comply with the world’s most stringent formaldehyde emissions standards and our company holds various certificates such as, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain-of-Custody certification, which traces the path of products to ensure all wood goods are from sustainable sources.

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Our Guarantee
When you invest in Snaidero products, not only do you become a member of our Studio Snaidero Hollywood family, but you are also guaranteed to 10-years against any kind of manufacturing defect. While our products are built to surpass our 10-year warranty, it is our commitment to provide our clients with high-quality products and exceptional customer service. To learn more about our impressive warranty program, please contact our showroom.

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